Bents Green
South Yorkshire, England

Operated by 207th Sheffield Scout Group. (A Scout Group founded in 1956 and sponsored by Bents Green Methodist Church). This Post only accepted cards from Church & Scout Group members and their families, but delivered to anyone in their designated area of Bents Green, Sheffield. They did not participate in the widespread Sheffield Scout Post which started in 1981.

This service operated from some time in the 1960s as a free service to the members of Bents Green Methodist Church. Owing to the Post Office monopoly at that time no charge could be made and users would normally make a donation to Christian Aid. This practice continued even after 1981 when the provision for Charity Posts was made.

This Group lost it's Scout Association registration in 1971 due to not accepting all the provisions of the Advance Party Report of 1966 and therefore was established as an independent Scout Group outside either of the National Organisations (the Scout Association & the Baden Powell Scouts). They designed their own version of the fleur-de-lis (as seen below) and this appeared on their stationery and was used as the Christmas Post cancellation from then onwards.


Type C1, stylised local design based upon the Scout's fleur-de-lys.

No information on any cancellations used before 1971 is currently available.


No statistics available

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