Blackwater (Sea)
Essex, England

Operated by 1st Blackwater (Sea) Scouts. Part of the East Essex Consortium. Serving Tollesbury.

1st Blackwater (Sea) was a Group within the District of East Essex in the Scout County of Essex. Later it merged with Blackwater Land Scouts and a combined service was provided from 1990 onwards.

1982 (11th December)

Blackwater 1982 Blackwater 1982

Types 1 and 2, copied by Xerography on imperforate ungummed paper in panes of 9, 3 columns of 3, left-hand 10p, centre & right 5p. Some gummed by hand at point of sale. Souvenir covers (undated) with both stamps were issued on plain envelopes.

1983 (3rd December)

Blackwater 1983

Types 3 and 4, copied by Xerography on imperforate gummed paper in sheets of 18, 3 columns of 6, left-hand 10p, centre & right 5p, spacing somewhat irregular as can be seen from the illustration. First day covers with both stamps were issued on plain envelopes.

1984 (6th December) - 1988

Blackwater 1984

Types 5 and 6, designed by S.Martin and printed by MRC Print Ltd, Maldon, Essex, in sheets of 14 (2 strips of 5x5p & 2x10p), line rouletted about 9. Some imperforate. Used each year 1984-88. First day covers with both stamps were issued on plain envelopes.

1989 (2nd December)

Blackwater 1989

Types 7 and 8, each design separately printed locally, as tete beche pairs onto sheets of two self adhesive labels (two per label), backing sheet imperforate and stamps also imperforate between. Rounded corners at the left or right, not both. (As an example of this 4-stamp format see the 1990 Blackwater (Combined) issue). No first day covers are known.


Blackwater 1982

Type P1, used in 1982 & 1983.


Blackwater 1984

Type P2, used in 1984.


Blackwater 1984

Type P3, used from 1984 to 1989.



Year 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990
Start None 11 Dec 3 Dec 6 Dec 7 Dec 6 Dec 5 Dec 3 Dec 2 Dec None
Printed None 600x5p
0 0 0 0 ?x5p
Carried None . . 1,250 . . . . . None

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