Cardiff (5th St. Martin's)
South Glamorgan, Wales

Issued separate stamps in 1984 only. Scouts collecting in Roath only but delivering throughout Cardiff. Subsequently organised Post on behalf of the rest of Cardiff.

5th St. Martin's is a group in the Cardiff South East District in the Scout County of Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.

1984 (1st November)

1984 issue 1984 issue

Types 1 and 2, 79x35mm, designed & produced (photocopied on self adhesive paper) by M.G.Jones (SL) in sheets of 24 (8 rows of 3) self adhesive square-cornered labels, on an imperforate backing sheet. Each sheet contained 4 rows of type 1 above 4 rows of type 2 - hence providing vertically se-tenant pairs from the middle two rows. Two locally produced, illustrated first day covers, each bearing both stamps, were issued dated 1st November, although the first collection was not actually made until 26th November.


1984 issue

Type P1 - used on ordinary mail.


1984 issue

Type P2 - used on ordinary mail.


1984 issue

Type P3 - used on first day covers and ordinary mail.


1984 issue

Type P4 - used on ordinary mail.



Year 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990
Start None None None Nov 1 None None None None None None
Printed None None None 20,000 None None None None None None
Carried None None None 15,000 None None None None None None

From the 1st Llanishen Scout Group's website
The Cardiff Scout Christmas Post started in November 1984, as a joint venture between 1st Llanishen and 5th Cardiff (St. Martins). Cardiff was split into two sections, with 1st Llanishen delivering cards for the North and 5th Cardiff delivering cards for the South of Cardiff. Both groups realised that this was going to become too large a operation for just two groups to manage, and the following year, Geller Mallet, GSL of 5th Cardiff, got about 20 more groups from all over Cardiff involved and the Scout Post has expanded ever since. In the first year, between the two groups, approximately 14,000 cards were sorted and delivered across Cardiff. This figure is now almost a million cards delivered across Cardiff, Penarth, Barry and the Vale. This annual event has become the most valuable and successful fund raising event in the Groupís history.

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