Format used in this Catalogue

Each postal service entry takes the following format :-

1 - The post name, county & country.

2 - Introduction

A general note on the area served, the Units involved, and their place in the Scout Association structure.

3 - Illustrations of the stamps issued (if any).

Each year's illustrations are shown on one line (where possible) and they are accompanied by details of size, designer, printer, format and charge made per card (if not shown within the stamp design). Where sheet layouts, "First Day", "Last Day" and other "Souvenir" covers are mentioned, underlined text will indicate where possible the presence of an illustration which can be accessed by clicking on the text concerned.

4 - Illustrations of the cancellations and/or cachets used (if any).

Any relevant notes will be included alongside these illustrations - eg "used for fdcs only".

5 - A table of statistics.

This table will give service start date, quantities printed, sold and/or delivered (as available), prices charged where not on the stamps.

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