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(From the Church magazine)
The Scouts and Leaders of 18th Bolton, 42nd Bolton, 6th Horwich and Jaguar Explorer Unit thank all of you who sent your cards via the Scouts Christmas Post in November and December 2011.
We were very fortunate this time in that the weather was reasonable and hardly any problems with illness. As a result the cards were delivered on time bar two, which we are aware of and trying to find out what happened (if there are any others please let us know).
We processed 2,450 cards raising a fantastic 546.69 for the Scout Groups. The number of cards and donations were down on last year but still enough to keep us busy!
As always happens some cards were incorrectly or incompletely addressed but we managed to get all of the cards to the correct recipients by dint of detective work and local knowledge, the last one (with no surname and no house name/number!) resolved and delivered on Christmas Eve.
Once again we are very grateful for your support of the project and your donations go to the benefit of Scouting and charity so a big thank you for allowing us to deliver your cards. We look forward to Scouts Christmas Post 2012

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