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Christmas Post
Do you live in Histon, Impington or Oakington? Do you send Christmas Cards to friends or relatives in those villages? A personal delivery service is available to you (for addresses in these villages only). Posting boxes for cards and donations are in the Baptist Church and St Andrews Church in Histon, and at Oakington Parish Church, or you can give your post to a Histon Guide or Ranger. Post will be collected over the weekends of 14/15 and 20/21 December and all will be delivered before Christmas. Histon Guides and Rangers operate this service each year to raise money for Kids Club which the girls run once a month in the north of the city. They raise a staggering 4000 a year to run the Club and to pay for two holidays in the summer. The Rangers plan and run all the activities with the support of their Guider, Aggie. Last year the girls raised over 300 with this project while offering a valuable service to the community.

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