County of Warwickshire, England

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Alcester, Warwickshire

Operated from 1995 oonwards, using cachets only.

Updated 1st May 2018

Harbury, Warwickshire

Still seeking information on this post.

Updated 25th May 2014

Kenilworth, Warwickshire

Operated from 1986 oonwards, using cachets only.

Updated 21st January 2013

Radford, Warwickshire

Operated at least in 1992, issuing stamps.

Updated 11th November 2004

Rugby, Warwickshire

Operated from 1984 onwards, issuing stamps, little known about the early years.

Updated 4 May 2016

Shottery, Warwickshire

Operated in 1998, possibly other years, using cachets only.

Updated 29th November 2004

Reported posts for which information is still being sought

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